It was a passion for chemistry that in September of 1994 drove a trade company of the sector to diversify its activities and to start production of formulations for the industry and building sectors.

Figures highly specialized in formulated systems engineering participated on a technical level in the project.

The operation was immediately successful. The new production team worked with an increasing range of products, the utilisation of resources was optimal and so, after less than 18 months, in January 1996, an independent company was established: ISEP srl.

In the Italian language acronym of the name - ISEP – Industria Sistemi Epossidici e Poliuretanici (Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems Industry) - it is already clear what the company's objective is: to specialise in the formulation of epoxy and polyurethane resins.
The attention to strengthening its technological assets is at the centre of this new company in constant and progressive growth.

The corporate philosophy of ISEP srl in fact involves launching new lines of business only if there's a confidence in doing so professionally and it is possible to respond to all the demands of the market.

It is this spirit that characterises the development of the formulations for the electronic and electromechanical sector, whereby investments and business strategies need to be designed accordingly.
Thus began the collaboration with the dear friend Dr. Giuseppe Lottanti, chemist of international prestige, a leading figure in the field of Electromechanics. Unfortunately deceased on 25th February 2018. His name will remain strictly linked to the design of the current technology used for the production of insulated electrical equipment of epoxy and polyurethane resin.

In fact these are the years when the company is engaged in a plant engineering, structural and corporate renewal program.

It is at this stage that the company is dedicated to increasing attention and resources in the achievement of custom made formulations.
The range of structural adhesives and systems for specialist applications aimed at the domestic and foreign market is thus being expanded.